DEERFAMY Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

DEERFAMY wide sleeping pads accompany you and your darlings every camping night.

Warm notes:

1. At first time use, please let air in and out for several times to recover the rebound of the foam so as to ensure the sleeping pad could reach the normal length and provide good support.

2. It can be extra soft and comfortable with extra breathes.

27 inch wide

Most of the other camping pads are only 21-24 inches, which is not wide enough. This sleeping pad is wider design, 27 inch wide ensures enough coverage under your body, you and your kids would not sleep on the floor when waking up.

1.5-inch comfortable foam

1.5-inch thick rebound foam without holes ensure you sleep comfortably and protect your lumbar spine.

Waterproof bottom surface

The bottom of the wide sleeping pad is made of water-proof material. Don’t need another Aluminum film pad to isolate you from wet ground.

Self-inflating & leak-proof air value

After the test, it needs only one minute to inflate. The biggest problem of other sleeping pad is an air leak. This sleeping pad comes with tested high-quality leak-proof air value that can keep the air until you open the air value again. We promise you will not sleep on the group cause air leak.

Package size:

27 x 7.9 inch

Package including:

Self-inflating sleeping pad x 1

Strap x 2

Package bag x 1