DEERFAMY 25 Inch Wider Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Connectable Camping Mat 4 R-Value for Side Sleeper for Camping, Family Get-Together Weekend, Sleepovers, Blue, 1 Pack

self inflating foam sleeping pad

DEERFAMY self-inflating camping sleeping pad - Your best camping gear with your dear family.


  1. OUTDOOR: You can sleep closer to your family without awkward gaps separating you and saving you space in your tent.
  2. INDOOR: Won't let your friends and family sleep on the hard floor, the connected foam sleeping pad gives your family a comfortable place to sleep!


  • ☑Self-inflating: Simply spread out the DEERFAMY sleeping pad, open the air valve, and let it self-inflate in the tent while you enjoy your time outdoors! A few extra puffs of air before closing the valve will make it more comfortable!
  • ☑Extra Wide: 25 Inches, the wide sponge keeps your body over the camping mat and keeps you warm. -Tip: When you use it for the first time, please let the air in and out several times to restore the resilience of the foam and ensure that the foam sleeping mat reaches its normal size and provides you with good support.
  • ☑No Air Leakage: DEERFAMY self-inflating sleeping pad is leak tested and can stay inflated and full all night long. When you wake up, you won't be sleeping on a hard floor.
  • ☑More Comfortable: Wide sleeping pad inflates to about 1.5 inches to keep you away from ground moisture. Soft and high rebound foam sleeping pad to protect your lumbar spine. Let you sleep with peace of mind, free from fine gravel.
  • ☑Suitable for Family Use: the snap on the side of the DEERFAMY sleeping pad can be connected to multiple sleeping pads. Whether it's camping or a family get-together weekend, you can get closer because of the sleeping pad! Connected sleeping pads, uninterrupted love.


self inflating foam sleeping pad


Compared with ordinary sleeping mats, DEERFAMY sleeping pads are WIDER, with 25 inches of use width, will not let you roll over onto the cold ground, so you can sleep through the day!