What is Sleeping Bag for Camping

What is Sleeping Bag for Camping


This article gives you a detailed description of sleeping bags for camping, how to choose and use them.

First, According to size

As the name implies, the difference between single sleeping bags and double sleeping bags is the number that can be adapted. It is also a good choice for couples to choose double sleeping bags when traveling, but the practicability of double sleeping bags is not too big. Nowadays, many single sleeping bags can be spliced into two sleeping bags. The usability of the combination is bigger than that of a single sleeping bag.

According to material quality

  1. Cotton sleeping bags are relatively large in size and have relatively small compressible space. Under the same quality, the thermal performance of cotton sleeping bags is not as good as that of feather sleeping bags. But it is not cotton sleeping bags is not good, generally cotton sleeping bags in spring, summer and autumn are used in these three seasons, because the temperature is relatively high, cotton sleeping bags are relatively comfortable when using thinner sleeping bags.
  2. Down sleeping bags have the advantages of good warmth retention, low quality under the same temperature scale, large compressibility ratio and easy to carry. Disadvantages are also obvious, feather features are particularly moisture absorption, so after use, it should be timely aired, once the sleeping bag is damp and warm, sleep greatly discounted; and then it is not easy to handle the down sleeping bag, generally do not recommend washing, especially not machine washed, cleaning will be very troublesome.
  3. Semi-feather and semi-cotton sleeping bags are more suitable for use in extreme cold, not a simple mixture of cotton and down, but half of the cover is feather and half of the cover is cotton, because a pressure on the body of the feather quilt will be very thin and not conducive to warmth, as the saying goes, the cover is not as warm as the pavement, so half-cotton and semi-feather sleeping bags are better solutions. The problem was solved. As for advantages and disadvantages, that's a half.

For the choice of sleeping bags

the ultimate requirement of outdoor is that any equipment brought out should have as many uses as possible, but any gear is not omnipotent. Depending on where you go and the seasons, there is no sleeping bag that can be used at any time. Specific selection parameters are temperature scale, weight, fabric and lining.

Temperature scale is the main parameter of a sleeping bag, which directly determines the suitable season and place to use. For example, - 5, 0, 5 represents the limit ground temperature of the sleeping bag. That is to say, when the temperature is higher than - 5 C, the user will not lose temperature. 0 C means that the sleeping bag is more comfortable to use. A temperature, 5 degrees Celsius, is that the sleeping bag uses a higher temperature, higher than this temperature will feel hot. Some temperature values refer to the ambient temperature at night, but each person's constitution is different, and the adaptation to the environment is different, so the choice of sleeping bags should be based on their specific constitution, the temperature scale is only a reference value.

Generally speaking, cotton sleeping bags are recommended for non-winter use, while feather sleeping bags are recommended for winter use. In terms of shape, mummy sleeping bags have better warmth because of smaller space and the same quality of sleeping bags, but the mummy sleeping bags can not be spliced together, which also limits its practicability.

About the use of sleeping bags, there are several relatively small methods to share with you.

  1. First of all, it is not recommended to sleeping in clothes in outdoor camping. Many people will say that it will be warmer if you don't take off clothes. On the contrary, the colder you sleep in clothes, the worse it is to keep warm. When you get up, it is easier to catch a cold because of the temperature difference in your sleeping bag, but it is not recommended to sleeping naked. No matter how you sleep at home, it is recommended to sleeping outdoors. Don't sleep naked. The main reason is that you don't run naked when you need to come out at night. If conditions permit, it is a good choice to bring a set of pajamas. In addition, take off the clothes do not put on the outside of the sleeping bag, clothes generally have two purposes, the coat can be folded up as a pillow, the clothes inside the sleeping bag to fill the space of the sleeping bag is more conducive to warmth, of course, this is the choice of winter, clothes in other seasons are better to make pillows or pad to the foot, do not arbitrarily. If left on one side of the tent, the clothes will be noisy or wet the next day because the condensate in the tent will hit the clothes.
  1. Furthermore, if you curl up in your sleeping bag, you'd better curl up with your sleeping bag. The reason is that it's very simple and the volume space is small, which is good for keeping warm.
  2. Finally, every time you use a sleeping bag, if conditions permit, you can air it every day as much as possible, because the humidity in the tent is very high for many consecutive days, sleeping bag will be very humid. If you don't use sleeping bags for a long time, try not to let sleeping bags in a high-pressure state when you travel. Open them and air them at intervals. Do not wash sleeping bags as much as possible. The cleaning of sleeping bags is similar to that of tents. You can refer to the cleaning methods of tents.

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