How To Prepare Your Camping Gear

How To Prepare Your Camping Gear


As the moon rose higher and higher, the stars flowed silently, friends said goodnight to each other, got into their own small world, lay down in the deep of comfortable Sleeping Bags, and fell asleep.

Sometimes, however, some embarrassing problems make it easier for us to fall asleep. In muggy weather, Sleeping Bags of inappropriate thickness makes you warm up... After the rain, the ground is wet, forgetting to bring a Sleeping Pad, a cold feeling slowly invades your body. Maybe you neglected the microclimate in the mountains and underestimated the cold brought about by altitude. In short, it's hard for you to fall asleep. So how to prepare your camping gear?

How to get five-star sleep quality under the night star sky? This needs to start with building a comfortable sleep system.

In camping, the most basic equipment of "sleep system" is Sleeping Pad and Sleeping Bag. It can also include pillows and clothing, according to different people's needs. The equipment that makes up the sleep system should be functional and comfortable enough.

Sleeping Pad: Even in summer, insulation is important for good sleep.

In summer, many mountain friends can do without pads. They may put clothes and backpacks under them to keep warm. But for most people, Inflatable Sleeping Pads are used all year round. Camping Sleeping Bags can not completely replace the role of Inflatable Sleeping Pads. Different from the urban environment, the temperature difference between day and night in the mountains is relatively large, and the influence of altitude on temperature should be taken into account. Inflatable Sleeping Pad is one of the main sources of insulation, even in summer, insulation is also important for good sleep.

Maybe the campsite just rained a few days ago, and some places are very humid. At this time, we need pads to isolate the damp and low temperature, so as to increase comfort. Cool air from the ground directly runs into the bones, which is also harmful to the body. In addition, the uncomfortable feeling brought about by uneven ground, Inflatable Sleeping Pad can also easily help you reduce. In the choice of Inflatable Sleeping Pad, besides choosing different sizes and types according to their own needs, it is more important to evaluate R values according to environmental temperature and their cold and heat resistance.

Environmental Temperature Range and R-Value

R-value: The insulation capacity of the pad is expressed by R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation, the better the ground cooling can be separated from itself.

Unlike Camping Sleeping Bags, choosing a higher thermal pad usually does not lead to overheating. However, in order to enhance the experience and safety of field camping, we should compare the environmental temperature range with R values and choose the most suitable one to carry.

You can usually use such a demarcation line to distinguish between three-season Inflatable Sleeping Pads and winter Inflatable Sleeping Pads, with an R-value of roughly 3.0. We also believe that if the pad provides the most basic and reliable thermal performance, its R-value should be at least 1.5. If R is lower, you're basically sleeping on a radiator, constantly taking away the heat from your body and keeping you cold all night. —— R-Value: The Truth Behind Numbers

Even in summer, the day and night temperatures in alpine and low mountain environments are different, so we should choose according to specific needs.

DEERFAMY Inflatable Sleeping Pad is a good choice for your camping life.

  1. Inflatable Sleeping Pad provides the optimal Comfort and Warmth your body needs for getting a good night's rest. Your weight is supported by dozens of flexing air cells just like a pocket sprung mattress.
  2. Inflatable Sleeping Pad is made of premium 70D Nylon Fabric which reduces slipping and noises common with many mattresses, performance better in waterproof, non-slip, breathable, abrasion-resistant; DEERFAMY Inflatable Sleeping Pad is a good choice for family camping and hiking, easy to carry and perfect for your tent and hammock and Sleeping Bags.
  3. Inflatable Sleeping Pad can be folded into a compact and portable packsack, and you can take it anywhere for camping & travel & hiking. Suitable for adults and kids alike! You won't miss your bed!
  4. NOTE: We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty to make it an absolutely risk-free purchase.
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      Sleeping Bag: Smart choice and efficient use, understand the environmental temperature of the campsite in advance.

      Do you think that bringing warm Camping Sleeping Bags for winter while camping in summer can help you get everything right? You may be wrong. In fact, it's better to choose a particular type of Camping Sleeping Bag instead of using it all year round. Whether you take a heavy Camping Sleeping Bag to an unlimited environment in winter or a thin Camping Sleeping Bag to an extreme environment in summer, it's a very inefficient, unsafe and inexperienced choice.

      For example, in muggy weather, too thick Camping Sleeping Bags will make you sweat all over your sleeping body, pull open your Camping Sleeping Bags, and when the sweat evaporates, it will make you susceptible to cold; and it is very bad and dangerous to spend the night in the cold mountains with too thin Camping Sleeping Bags. In short, you'll feel better if you bring a Camping Sleeping Bag with the appropriate thickness according to the temperature of the campsite you want to go to in summer. Before departure, you should know the weather conditions of the campsite in advance, such as the minimum temperature of the day. Temperature standard is the most important index of Camping Sleeping Bag. The suitable temperature will also be marked on the brand of Camping Sleeping Bag. We should pay attention to the reference.

      There are mainly two kinds of Sleeping Bag fillers, feather, and chemical fiber cotton, in addition, there is single-layer cashmere Sleeping Bag. The choice of fillers depends on your preferences and where you will camp. In a relatively warm non-extreme environment, cashmere Sleeping Bags can also be used as summer Sleeping Bags alone. Camping Sleeping Bag style should also be a smart choice, such as Camping Sleeping Bag, which is a more relaxed space, more suitable for summer warm season. You can also choose a full-length zipper Camping Sleeping Bag so that you can adjust the zipper flexibly according to the body temperature on those relatively warm nights.

      DEERFAMY  Camping Sleeping Bag is a good choice for your camping life. That’s the reason:

      1. Camping Sleeping Bag could be used as a single private Sleeping Bag or the sleeping sheet. Zip it up, you could get a single Camping Sleeping Bag. Spread it out then you could get a rectangular Sleeping Bag. The single Sleeping Bag is suitable for home/travel/camping/hotel.
      2. Camping Sleeping Bag with temp rating from 50~70, suitable for spring/summer/autumn camping. Provide you with cozy and comfortable sleeping on your trip.
      3. Camping Sleeping Bag is made of the 400T Nylon shell, 240T Polyester lining, and 250GSM Cotton filling. The sleeping is designed to provide comfortable rest after a full day of outdoor activities.
      4. Camping Sleeping Bag is safe for machine wash. Come with a compression sack with straps, convenient to store and carry on your trip.
      5. Camping Sleeping Bag is under guarantee protection of life from the date of its original purchase. Please contact us immediately if you have any problem with our product.
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