How to prepare for a successful camping

How to prepare for a successful camping


Camping is a wonderful activity in the mountains.

Prepared camping is "enjoyment" and unprepared camping is "misery".

Camping is a fun outdoor activity. With equipment, you can find a quiet place to camp in the mountains and enjoy the peace and happiness of nature.

Camping is great, but it's based on adequate preparation. If camping fails, your experience will be discounted and you may swear never to go back.

Prepare ahead, 15% success.

If successful camping is 100%, you will have a 15% success if you are prepared before you leave.


Camping is best accompanied by travel, which can improve the success rate. Travelers group are hiding dragons and crouching tigers, in the circle of friends about a contract, maybe you can find a five-star chef so that you do not have to worry about what to eat.


There are always a few days to go camping every month. Camping doesn't take up a lot of time. A weekend is enough.


Choose a mature routine before camping. Don't make decisions on the map by yourself, or you will easily get lost.

All of the above are macro strategies. You have achieved a 15% success rate, and micro equipment is also the guarantee of success.

First, the clothes you wear.

Correct dress, 30% success

Correct wear means wearing outdoor clothing, shoes, and socks, which can increase the success index of camping to 30%.


Underwear is used to sweat, wearing the wrong underwear will make your whole body wet, so choose special outdoor sweat underwear, it can effectively transmit body sweat, keep dry.

Daily close-fitting clothes are mostly made of pure cotton, which absorbs moisture and takes away body heat when evaporating. Once sweating heavily, it is easy to cause cold, fever and even hypothermia outdoors.

Refuse cotton everyday clothes when camping. Outdoor chooses special sweaty clothes as underwear.

Warm clothing

Mountain area temperature difference is big, even if the temperature is high in the city, mountain area temperature may also make you feel cold, more clothes is a wise choice, otherwise you will "heating basically depends on shaking".


A coat is weatherproof clothing, without which you will shiver in the wind and rain. Outdoor coats include soft and hard shells, which can meet the requirements of warm, windproof and waterproof in mountain areas.


Rainwear is spare rainproof clothing, if there is no raincoat, you will be soaked in the mountains.

Even if you set out in a clear sky, it may rain in the mountains. You can put a raincoat in your bag just in case. Because the raincoat has no moisture permeability, it can also play a certain role in warming in the wind and rain.

Hiking shoes and socks

Special footwear and socks for hiking are created for the ground in mountainous areas. Professional footwear and socks can protect the feet and prevent blisters.

If you wear everyday sneakers and cotton socks, your feet will blister soon after you walk in the wild.

Wearing the right clothes, your camping success index has risen to 30%, and you need to get the remaining 70%.

It usually takes a short hike before arriving at the campsite. If you are tired when approaching the campsite, the camping will almost be declared unsuccessful. So, next, you need to prepare some necessary equipment.

Necessary equipment, 45% success

Get ready with sunscreen, backpacks, headlights, climbing sticks, water bags and other necessary equipment for the mountains, and you can push the success index of camping up another 15%, which is all about your outdoor experience.

Sunscreen cream

Sunscreen is a device that is applied to bare skin. If you don't use sunscreen, it may be just a camping trip. When you go home, it becomes the following picture.


To go camping, you have to carry a lot of things, so you need a specially designed backpack. If you don't have a backpack on foot, you may have to carry things in big bags and small bags. For example, carry two bags back and forth, or carry things in your hand.


Headlights are equipped to illuminate as you walk. If there is no headlight, you can only walk with your mobile phone lighting on one hand, which is very inconvenient.

Headlights are lightweight and can be used when both hands are occupied, such as cooking while looking for food, walking with a climbing stick to see the road ahead.


A climbing rod is a kind of equipment to help you walk outdoors. You need to use your arms to keep balance when you travel long distances outdoors. If you don't have a climbing rod, you will stagger.

Some mountain friends will use branches instead of climbing sticks. This is a mistake. It not only destroys vegetation but also cannot replace it. Mountaineering rods have shock absorption and support designs to reduce pressure on knee joints, which are not achievable by tree branches.

Water bag

The water bag is a portable device for drinking water. It can drink water during walking and keep body water sufficient at any time. If you don't have a water bag, you have to stop to look for a kettle every time you drink water, which wastes energy.

With the necessary equipment in the mountains, your success index for camping has soared to 45%. Basically, there will be no twists and turns before you reach the campsite.

Next, camp corruption is an important part of successful camping, which also determines the next 15%.

Camp corruption, 60% success

Camp corruption can greatly increase the success index of camping to 60%, and also harvest happiness. But the necessary equipment is also indispensable.


The stove is an outdoor cooking utensil that allows you to have a good meal after a day's exhaustion. If you don't have a stove, you'll have to chew compressed biscuits while camping.

With stoves, you can eat at home or outdoors. Stir-fried vegetables and hot pots can also be eaten outdoors to enjoy cooking fun.


A set of pots can perform various functions of frying, boiling and stewing. Only with pots, can delicacies be in full bloom.


Camping remembers to bring tableware, do not use branches as tableware, branches are not hygienic, nor environmentally friendly.

Enough food and drink, your success index of camping have floated to 60%, but it is not the successful person of outdoor camping.

After eating, you have to sleep well.

Sleeping in the mountains, 75% success

A good night's sleep in the mountainous area can push the success index of camping up 15%, reaching a high level of 75%. To achieve a sound sleep, we need the basic "three sets" of sleep.


A tent is your outdoor home. In bad weather, a tent can provide shelter for climbers. If you don't have a good tent, you will be sleepless all night.

Sleeping pad

A sleeping pad is called outdoor Simmons. It is something that is under you when camping. A sleeping pad can effectively block the cold ground. If you don't have a sleeping pad, your body heat will be lost and you may wake up in the night.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping outdoors while camping, to solve the problem of warmth is a sleeping bag besides sleeping pad because a sleeping bag is the warmth equipment covered on the body when camping. If you don't have a sleeping bag in camping, don't think about hugging for warmth, you will only catch a cold together.

The sleeping bag itself does not produce heat, but the body produces heat. The sleeping bag only reduces the loss of heat. So the thicker the sleeping bag, the more fluffy it is, the more calories it can retain. However, for weight considerations, we recommend the choice of light and warm down sleeping bags.

Have a big meal in the camp and get a good sleep. The camping success index has risen to 75%. Maybe you think camping has been successful.

But perfect camping should have a beginning and an end, and before the end of the camping, the last 25% of the income should be included.

Take away garbage, 100% success

The last and most important 25% of successful camping is to take away the garbage from the mountains. Take away the garbage is the successful person in the camping.

What you use when you go into the mountains should also be taken away when you go out. For example, exhaust gas tanks, plastic bottles, cans, wrapping paper and so on, they are not only visual pollution in mountain areas, but also destroy nature.

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