How To Choose A Camping Tent

How To Choose A Camping Tent


Making an appointment with your friends and shuttle freely in the mountains and rivers of nature. You are in the wonderful mountains and rivers, looking up at the stars, releasing the pressure of life, and feeling the joy of life from another angle and way. Outdoor camping, with its unique charm, has become a fashionable way of life for young people nowadays.

So, how to choose a suitable camping tent for your own use?

From the use of camping tents to select scenarios, the types of camping tent generally have the following:

1.Three Seasons Camping Tent

Designed for spring, summer, and autumn, it is the leading product in the global tent market. The camping tent with this function mainly aims at its ventilation and has the basic function of windproof and rainproof. The general waterproof index of the external ledger fabric for the three seasons camping tent is between 1500 mm and 2000 mm, which is more than enough for the general precipitation.

Use Scene: It is suitable for ordinary seaside camping and mountain camping around the city. This kind of scene mainly focuses on space comfort.

2.Four Seasons Camping Tent

Four Seasons Camping Tent is designed for those consumers who love camping very much. Unlike Mountain Camping Tent, it may not have strong wind resistance, but it has good ventilation and ventilation function. Compared with Mountain Camping Tent, it is lighter in weight and can take into tent spring, summer, autumn and winter. Generally, these products have large double doors. One layer is used with mesh cloth. Three seasons ventilation, one layer is the ventilated cloth used to keep warm in winter, this structure is the biggest feature of the Four Seasons Camping Tent.

Scene: This kind of camping tent is suitable for hiking and climbing in high altitude areas. More attention should be paid to its wind and snow resistance and durability, followed by its lightweight and waterproof performance.

3.Alpine Camping Tent

The main function is reflected in wind resistance. The wind resistance is mainly embodied by the support. The multi-bar cross structure is mostly used to form the auxiliary forces between the pole and the pole to achieve the best wind resistance. The main function of the alpine camping tent is to keep warm. Now the fabric of the warm-keeping inner tent is a layer of resin pulp, which not only keeps warm but also has a certain degree. Permeability.

Scene: If you play the limit, in order to reduce the load, then you can choose a single alpine camping tent, which is mainly light, can be less load, waterproof, wind-resistant and cold-proof!

 4.Family Camping Tent

Driving to the park, you can buy a bigger family camping tent for an outing in the scenic spot. You can play poker, drink and chat in it. The tent pole is strong enough and the nails are strong enough. This kind of camping tent has large space and is usually designed with the main hall and bedroom. It is a good family reunion equipment.

Does the above introduction give you a better idea of how to choose a camping tent? It doesn't matter if it doesn't.

If you want to choose a good camping tent, the DEERFAMY family camping tent is a good choice. The reasons are as follows:

1. DEERFAMY Family Camping Tent fits 3 people in a sleeping bag or 2-3 people with lots of camping gear. It's big enough that you can use it with your family. The unique design of carrying bags can save you time! Expanding space for easy packing.
2. It is waterproof and durable. It is made of PU 2000 mm Oxford floor and 190T 66D polyester umbrella, which can ensure good waterproof performance and keep dry in light rainy days. The aluminum rod used in the camping tent is more durable and lighter than the fiberglass rod. 4 guy lines make the camping tent great solid in the windy day.
3. Its reflective design on camping tent windows, zippers and zippers makes it easy to find a camping tent in the dark and makes your camping tent unique!
4. Whole mesh inner tent allows you sleeping in your camping tent without rain fly in summer night! Just enjoy the starry sky. Two windows and 2 doors on rain fly ensure good ventilation when sleeping in the camping tent, efficiently insuring good sleep.


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