What Is Tent for Camping

What Is Tent for Camping


Tents are important gear for camping, but not the only gear. Its role in camping is limited. Generally speaking, tents for camping do not promise to keep warm.

Camping to keep warm is the task of camping sleeping bags. The main functions of tents for camping are windproof, rainproof, dust-proof, dew-proof and moisture-proof, providing campers with a relatively comfortable rest environment.

Tents for camping are divided into three seasons (spring, summer and autumn) tent, four seasons tent and alpine tent, usually camping with three seasons tent

According to the above objectives, the following factors should be considered in selecting tents:

  1. Easy to use and carry. Carry, if it is a backpacker, or that kind of traditional tent is more convenient, after disassembly can be put directly into the backpack, self-driving people can choose to open the tent for camping quickly, closed after a round cake shape, suitable for storage in the trunk.
  2. Outer tent waterproof, inside tent breathable, is two essential points of high-quality tent . The most common tent coating is PU coating, PU is polyurethane polymer organic matter, PU coating is a stable low temperature resistant coating, commonly used in various fabrics. The thickness of PU coating and coating technology determined the waterproof property of fabric. The thickness of the coating is expressed in mm, which indicates the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.
  • The PU800 coating shows that it is impermeable under 800mm static water column. The PU800 coating can prevent light to moderate rain.
  • The PU1000-1200 coating can prevent moderating to heavy rain.
  • Over 1500mm coatings can be used in a variety of environments.
    1. The brace has high strength and good resilience, and the aluminium bar is better than the fiberglass bar. At present, the best rod is carbon rod, down is aluminum alloy, down is glass fiber, and finally iron rod (except for the army is almost useless). The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the texture diameter of the tents for camping, but also to the number of tent sleeves. Generally speaking, the more the number of tent sleeves, the better the wind resistance. For example, two groups of ordinary aluminium pole tents can withstand strong winds of about 7-8 grades. The windproof ability of three sets of aluminium rods is about 9 grades. Tents with 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminium poles can be used in storm environments of Grade 11 or so. 
    2. The bottom of the account should be waterproof and wearable. The base of the account should have the function of waterproof and strong and wear-resistant. The commonly used base material is PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE tents are used in middle and low grade tents, and waterproof polyester cloth is used in middle and high grade tentsfor camping. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to low-grade snakeskin bags. The actual tent uses PE material with waterproof film on both sides, including a large number of export tents. The bottom of the tent touches the ground and is vulnerable to scratches from debris, grass roots, branches and other debris. Therefore, before camping outdoors, it is necessary to clean up the hard objects on the ground or use tent cloth to pave the ground as a protective layer. Tent cloth is usually made of 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth.
    3. Choosing a tent with front and rear doors or windows is more conducive to ventilation. In this regard, the new fast-opening tent design is better, better ventilation.
    4. The design is reasonable and needs enough ground and windproof rope. Packaging bags, nails, tent ropes and other accessories also affect the use of tents. Packing bags should be strong and durable, the number of nails should be enough, the strength of aluminium nails should be high, and the tent rope should be used to fix the tentfor camping.

    Tent construction method

    There are three kinds of support methods for common tents:
    1. Internal brace and outer drape, i.e. bracket is used to support the inner curtain, then the waterproof outer drape is put on, and then fixed. This support method is relatively convenient, most tents use the support method of inner support and outer cover.
    2. External support and internal support, that is to say, first support the external accounts, and then put the internal accounts on the external accounts. This support method is better for rainproof, because the built-in accounts always keep a certain distance from the external accounts, but the first support will take some time.
    3. It is supported by a single frame, and then fixed by a roof and a pulling rope. This kind of tent support environment has limitations, it must be able to nail or tie ropes to the ground environment, in the cement and hard rock ground, the tent for camping can not stand automatically. Single-pole tents and roof tents use this support method.

    Before choosing a tent, ask three questions:

    1. What season or environment do you want to use tents every year?
    2. How many people often use the tent?
    3. How much do you want to spend?

    If you use tents only in spring, summer and autumn, and in low altitude areas (below 2000 meters), ordinary PU1000 to 1500 glass pole tents will suffice.

    If you like one person's long-distance travel, choose a single tent, or one to two people's tent, such as a single-pole tent, or JWS tent; if two people, or three people, choose the appropriate size of the tent, the average width of each person occupied is 55 to 60 centimeters. SUNSHINE account is 1.4 meters wide, so it is two-person account. E225 is 165 cm wide, 2-3 people account. The LD110 is 2 meters wide and is for four people.

    When introducing a tent with 2-3 people, it can be understood as follows: if it is thin, 3 people, if it is fat, 2 people. If you use tents in winter and at relatively high altitudes, advise and consult professionals, because in high-risk environments, the choice of equipment directly affects your safety. Usually this kind of environment needs aluminium pole tent, PU1500 or more coating.

    Although the use of tents for camping are not complicated, it should be said that it is also a knowledge, the same tents, properly used, windproof, rainproof effect is good, on the contrary, it is not ideal.

    Of course, different uses can also choose different tents, professional outdoor and amateur after all, there are differences in the choice should be clearly positioned, in order to choose a satisfactory tent for camping.


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